Fine Jewelry Studio


"Jewelry for me symbolizes life.
It epitomizes experiences, memories and significant events in our lives which become an integral part of the piece. The exciting part for me of designing jewelry is creating that important moment for the wearer.

I imagine a moment when I will meet my jewel several years from now, hear from the wearer her story, whether she received it as a gift, a close person bequeathed it to her and to whom she will pass it on. Gold and Precious gems jewelry are Timeless, passed down from generation to generation. I am honored to be part of your valuable piece for years to come.

I have always had a passion for design and aesthetics. Design for me is a tool for personal expression and is what motivates me on a daily basis. That led me to turn my passion into my profession."

NOA HENEN Jewelry Studio
Founded by designer Noa Henen, a Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer. I graduated with a Goldsmithing and Jewelry Design degree from Shenkar College of Design, Israel.

I design jewelry that combines nostalgic and modern styles.
Fine gold jewelry that is classic and timeless, a high-end lifestyle jewelry brand. All of my jewelry are carefully handcrafted, with personal attention to each piece and an option for individual customization according to my client's preferences. I use 14K/18K gold, diamonds, and quality gems, traditional and new jewelry making techniques, with a high and varied finishing.

A unique part of my work is the personal design process and renewing old jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made to order With attention to every detail.

My designs are comfortable to wear, go well with everyday wear and have a uniqueness and presence that will definitely upgrade your look for special occasions.

“I invite you on a journey into the world of my creations, which express my world of form in feminine and elegant jewelry."