Gold & Diamonds

Gold & Diamonds

Natural diamonds VS Lab diamonds

Many of us desire diamond jewelry. A diamond has unique characteristics that makeit the most expensive and sought-after stone in the world.

What is a natural diamond?

Diamond is the hardest substance in nature and is made of carbon.Their natural production process, extraction through mining in different parts of the world, deep in the earth, makes them a rare and particularly prestigious material.The four main parameters that are usually checked in order to estimate the value of diamonds are: weight, color, cleanliness, and cut.
It is customary to call these parameters the 4 C’s for short
(Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut)

What is a laboratory diamond?

Laboratory diamonds (CVD), are diamonds that are produced by man, created by an artificial process in laboratories, through a process of pressure and heat, just like in the bowels of the earth.
With the advancement of technology and the development of production and polishing methods, it is now possible to produce laboratory diamonds in a manner almost identical in their properties to natural diamonds.

Today, natural diamond resources are limited in nature hence, it seems that natural diamonds will maintain their value due to their rarity.

In addition, environmental awareness has increased regarding the mining process, production, the complex employment conditions that natural diamonds require, and the importance of fair trade.

The lab diamond production process is faster and dozens of percent cheaper than the natural one, which is well reflected in the price. 
Today a wide variety of amazing lab diamonds of high quality
are readily available.

Let's go back to the question, lab diamond or natural diamond?

The answer is that both are excellent options, and the choice depends on personal preference: On the one hand, a real diamond is more expensive but will retain its value and may even increase in price. On the other hand, a lab diamond will save us money and for many, is an environmentally friendlier, more sustainable option.

If the dilemma is not complex enough, I chose to offer you both :)

What is a Carat in diamonds?

A carat is actually a unit of weight (in English the notation is CT), by which gems (and not just diamonds) are measured.

And for the more curious amongst us, I will explain in more depth.1 carat is exactly equal to 200 milligrams. To deal with a wide range of diamonds in small and large sizes, the 100 point method was adopted. The carat unit was divided into 100 points, a carat = 100 points, where each point is equal to two milligrams.So a gemstone (or diamond) that weighs 0.5 carats, for example, is called 50 points, and a diamond weighing 0.35ct is called a 35 point diamond.

Now let’s move to GOLD

We also know the word Karat from another marking, 18K, 14K, etc., which is found on gold jewelry.In this case, the Karat represents something completely different when it comes to gold. 

Gold jewelry is usually composed of pure gold together with additional metals. The Karat in gold jewelry represents the purity of the metal, the percentage of pure gold out of the total metal content in the jewelry. The higher the karat number, the purer the In gold jewelry. The highest karat is 24K. A gold ring with 24K means that it consists of 99.9% pure gold, hence, 18K represents about 75% pure gold, 14K represents about 58.5% pure gold. The higher the K, the more expensive the ring will be, butsometimes it is recommended to choose a lower K, because when the pure gold is mixed with another metal, it becomes more durable.

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